From a tiny seed of an idea in 2013, a few of us folks who live or own property at Better in Belize Ecovillage, or nearby, put together a scholarship program for BIB workers’ families, and now we are extending our reach to our wider community!  In Belize, there are many expenses for even basic primary school – they have to have uniforms in good condition, proper supplies, and even have to pay to get their report cards released. The expenses are almost always more than the families can afford, and often result in going into debt to insure that their children get a good education.

2017-2018 Applications

We have 27 applications submitted for assistance for 2017-2018. The need is great and the resources are few. Please donate today so ALL these children can stay in school.

NOW THE FUN PART…you can help! You can easily donate to the fund, any amount, large or small will help!

We hope to keep growing the program, and continuing it for years and years. We love the idea of giving back to the folks who work hard to make BIB work for us, and to our wider community. We’ve started off small, but we need you to keep it going and growing. Donate today – any amount large or small – every bit helps!

Also, please share this site with anyone else who may want to contribute!

2016-2017 School Year Scholarships awarded (click for details)!

Education is essential to economic development, especially for poor people in developing countries. Citizens who can read, calculate, and think critically have better economic opportunities, higher agricultural productivity, healthier children, and better reproductive health and rights. Fundamental educational skills form the basis for all future learning, but today too many students across the developing world are missing out. – “Quality Education in Developing Countries.” Hewlett Foundation News. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Jan. 2014.

From this idea, and some enthusiastic support, the Belize Scholarship Fund was born.